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Scizophrenia is a disease of the brain that manifests with multiple signs and symptoms involving thought, perception, emotion, movement, and behavior. Scizophrenia affects less than 1 percent of the world population (approximately 0.85 percent). The course of the illness of scizophrenia can be divided into three general epochs. The first epoch is onset. Onset is insidious in about half of patients, with the earliest signs of involvement occurring many years before the more blatant manifestations of psychosis appear. In other cases onset is relatively sudden or acute, with the onset of psychotic symptoms marking a sharp deviation in development. The insidious onset of scizophrenia tends to be characterized by increasing emotional withdrawal, diminishing social engagement and social drive, and idiosyncratic responses to ordinary events or circumstances. School Detailed knowledge of the cause or causes of scizophrenia is lacking. Genetic factors are important in some (perhaps all) cases, but it is not yet clear which genes are deviant, how they contribute to pathophysiology, or whether the same or different genes are involved in all cases that have a genetic etiology. Other early influences, variously marked by gestational and birth complications and winter birth excess, must be involved in the causal pathways for schizophrenia, but the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying the involvement of those factors are not yet known. Various versions of viral and immune theories of causation are plausible, but no virus or immune mechanism has yet been established as an etiological factor in scizophrenia. Geopathic Stress zone has been found to be the common factor in most serious and minor illnesses and psychological conditions, including cancer, MS, AIDS, tuberculosis, meningitis, MD, kidney and gallstones, rheumatism, heart and circulation problems as well as depression, insomnia, suicide, the promotion of stress zone, and high blood pressure, together with resistance to treatment. Geopathic Stress zone is also the common factor in cases of infertility and miscarriages, and in most children with learning difficulties and behavioral problems. All these problems seem to vanish when we place Geopathic Stress Zone correctors and rectify the energy fields.


Why so many pyramids
written by Kumar , December 26, 2007

U used 10,000 pyramids in your place. It costs a lot to have so many. Even Rs. 15 per would mean Rs. 15,00,000.

How expensive is it for a flat of 2,000 sq.ft

Response from Premal Betai: You may require to contribute anywhere between Rs.2000 to Rs.5000 for a flat of 2000 square feet.

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