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Epilepsy is the tendency to have repeated seizures that originate in the brain. The brain is a highly complex structure composed of millions of nerve cells (neurones). Nerve cells in the brain are responsible for a wide range of functions including consciousness awareness movement body posture Nerve cell activity is usually well organised. A sudden, temporary interruption in some or all of the functions of the nerve cells may be called a seizure or Fit. Many people have a single seizure at some point in their lives, but this does not mean that they have epilepsy. If a person has a tendency to experience repeated seizures which originate in the brain, then they may be diagnosed as having epilepsy. Each individual has a seizure threshold or level of resistance to seizures. This threshold varies from person to person and is probably part of their genetic make-up; that is, how traits are passed from one generation to another. A person with a low seizure threshold might develop epilepsy spontaneously without other factors being involved. Having a low threshold and a condition such as cerebral palsy may also be the cause of epilepsy. Sometimes a tendency to have seizures can be seen in families where several members have epilepsy. The genetics of epilepsy are complex. In some people the seizure threshold may be lowered if the brain is injured. If the injury is severe, perhaps due to a road traffic accident, tumour, stroke or trauma at birth, then epilepsy may develop as a result. Some people develop epilepsy following an infection that affects the brain, such as meningitis or encephalitis. Many people believe that the onset of their seizures was due to stress or periods of emotional upset, or to a relatively minor blow to the head. Although this type of factor may trigger individual seizures, it is not the underlying cause of the epilepsy. In these cases it is likely that a family tendency to have seizures plays an important role. High levels of Geopathic Stress has also been known to cause Epileptic conditions.


Why so many pyramids
written by Kumar , December 26, 2007

U used 10,000 pyramids in your place. It costs a lot to have so many. Even Rs. 15 per would mean Rs. 15,00,000.

How expensive is it for a flat of 2,000 sq.ft

Response from Premal Betai: You may require to contribute anywhere between Rs.2000 to Rs.5000 for a flat of 2000 square feet.

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