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Asthma is a chronic lung condition. It is characterized by difficulty in breathing. People with asthma have extra sensitive or hyper responsive airways. The airways react by narrowing or obstructing when they become irritated. This makes it difficult for the air to move in and out. This narrowing or obstruction can cause one or a combination of the following symptoms: wheezing coughing shortness of breath chest tightness This narrowing or obstruction is caused by: Airway inflammation (meaning that the airways in the lungs become red, swollen and narrow) Bronchoconstriction (meaning that the muscles that encircle the airways tighten or go into spasm) Asthma Facts and Statistics Asthma is a chronic lung condition that can develop at any age. It is most common in childhood and occurs in approximately 7-10% of the pediatric population. Asthma is the most common chronic respiratory disease of children; it accounts for 1/4 of school absenteeism. It affects twice as many boys as girls in childhood; more girls than boys develop asthma as teenagers, and in adulthood, the ratio becomes 1:1 males to females. Asthma affects children in varying degrees, from very mild (only during vigorous exercise) to very severe. Children with severe asthma may have symptoms every day that may cause some lifestyle restriction; in these children symptoms occur more easily and more frequently. There is a general trend of increased deaths and hospitalizations from asthma recorded in all the industrialized countries of the world.


Why so many pyramids
written by Kumar , December 26, 2007

U used 10,000 pyramids in your place. It costs a lot to have so many. Even Rs. 15 per would mean Rs. 15,00,000.

How expensive is it for a flat of 2,000 sq.ft

Response from Premal Betai: You may require to contribute anywhere between Rs.2000 to Rs.5000 for a flat of 2000 square feet.

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