Healing Systems

  • Why did Egyptians use PyrAmids ©?
  • Why PyrAmids © Shape?
  • Which Energy is available in PyrAmids ©?
  • What is Vastu-Feng-Shui?
  • How does Negative Vastu-Feng-Shui affect us?
  • How Positive Vastu-Feng-Shui affect us?
  • How to choose and use PyrAmids © for Vastu-Feng-Shui-Correction?
  • How to choose and use PyrAmids © for Healing?
  • How do we get sick?
  • How to choose and use PyrAmids © for farms-gardens?
  • How to measure Vastu-Index of land, building, farms, factories, etc.

Plus you'll be provided with a Kit which includes: Pendulum, Dowsing Cards Information Manual and Personal Training. Also includes Energy Treatment for Removing Blocks in Aura/Mind resisting Growth/Progress.

Contribution: Rs. 7500.00



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For Personalized Training at Agra, contact Mr. Kirti Betai, 91-562-3249839 or kbetai@gmail.com

For Info Contact: Mr. Kirti Betai, Agra: 91-562-3249839 E-mail: kbetai@gmail.com

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