I, Alok Kumar R/o 25, Old Idgah Colony, Agra giving the following statement for the welfare of the whole society. I was a patient of Thyroid and it was advised by doctor to take medicine for full life. I had treated by Kirti Betai by Cosmopathy and now I am not taking any medicine and I am not feeling any problem. My wife was suffering from Colitis and Acidity from the last ten years but after taking Cosmopathy treatment about six months, she is now alright and working without problem in school and home.
I was suffering from severe pain in the whole of the right side of the abdomen. The local doctor advised an ultrasound. The diagnosis was `Acute Appendicitis'. I approached a surgical specialist who advised immediate surgery. At the hospital I was re-examined and a fresh ultrasound was done. The problem was rediagnosed as `Colitis' and I was advised medication accordingly. In view of the conflicting diagnosis my wife approached Mr. Betai on telephone who dowsed and informed us that there was no evidence of appendicitis. He advised certain home remedies and increase in intake of water. After having followed the advice strictly, I now feel fine and much fitter than before.
I have been visiting Mr. Betai's Cosmotherapy Clinic since June 1996 in connection with my wife's arthritis problem. At the clinic I met Mr. Premal Betai, who is actively involved with the treatment of the patients. The clinic has undergone many changes during the last six months as a result of Research and Development program with which Mr. Premal Betai has been associated. Personally I had a problem of tooth ache in my molars, they were loose and extra sensitive to hot and cold. I was not able to use the left side of my Jaws. I did not go to a dentist because of the fear of loosing two of my molars. I was treated for my tooth problem at the Cosmopathy Clinic due to which I am completely cured without loosing any tooth. My wife was advised total knee replacement by orthopedic surgeons but she is being successfully treated at the Cosmotherapy Clinic. I gladly certify the capabilities, motivation and devotion of Mr. Premal Betai at the Clinic. His aptitude will, I am sure, take him to great heights for the removal of human suffering. I wish him all the success, may God Bless him.
; On 27-1-97, I was gone into unbearable pain in my stomach, I immediately rushed to a senior surgeon. He checked and told me that the pain was due to Appendix and the solution is only immediate operation. I went to meet Mr. Betai to take his opinion also. He dowsed and told me that the pain was not due to Appendix but there is problem in liver and there is no need to go for operation. After thinking thinking, I had taken a strong decision to take Cosmotherapy treatment and not go for operation. I was fit after ten days of treatment and till today the problem is not repeated. Later on it was confirmed by the test of pathology and Ultra Sound that the problem was in the liver and not Appendix which was told to me by Mr. Betai on first day. I feel very Thankful to God to give me new life by the help of Mr. Betai through Cosmopathy treatment and I hope he will treat the people those suffering from untolerable problems and depend on heavy medicine.
During our meeting we had discussed the case of the daughter of one of my friends from Paris who has a mental problem resulting in very retarded growth - she has a health index of no.9. I have been sending her teletherapy since around the 10th of april and I am very happy to inform you that she is reacting very positively to this, a fact which my friend advised me today itself by phone. I am overjoyed that with this new form of learning I can really help people to get rid of physical and mental ailments. My practice is on at least twice daily on a regular basis. Melanie, that is her name is now making a lot of efforts herself to overcome her disability. I once again thank you for imparting this knowledge to me.
My Sister In Law Mrs. Anju Jain aged 30, residing at Jammu is suffering Hernia. Recently she was pregnant and the doctors were of the view that she will not be able to have a normal delivery. However, when we consulted Mr. K. H. Betai., he dowsed and told us that she can have a normal delivery if she follows Cosmopathy advice. She followed the advice for about 4 months, and she had a normal delivery without having been operated upon for Hernia.
To Whom It May Concern My Daughter, Niharika Jain, age 25 years, who has been suffering from Muscular Dystrophy since early childhood has been undergoing treatment at Modern Vastu (Energy) Science Centre, Agra under the supervision of Mr. Kirti Betai and Mr Premal Betai. Prior to her treatment at this centre, we had taken her to AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Science), Delhi, PGI, Chandigarh and all the sources where there was little hope, everywhere there was one standard answer - there is no treatment for this ailment. She had problem in standing from the sitting posture, lifting her arms and walking. Ever since we started Cosmopathy treatment, there is phenomenal improvement in her condition. Now she can stand on her own, can lift her arms, can do most of her chores without any assistance. She is able to walk with slight support. According to my assessment, there is approximately 80 to 85 percent improvement in her condition. The most pleasant thing that happened is that her recent blood test (CPK) is within normal range which was quite high when the said test was done earlier at Agra, Delhi or Patiala. I have found the treatment quite useful and economical.
After using the Pyramid Energy Systems given by Modern Vastu (Energy) Science, SW-33, Soami Bagh Agra, my fear, worry and anxiety has vanished and i am now more confident than before. The focus of my attention is now clear and the confusion I had in my mind before joining Cosmopathy no longer exists. I am continuing my studies and plan to become an I.A.S. officer
Within Six months of beginning Cosmopathy treatment, my Asthma is totally cured. Intake of the inhaler and all allopathic medicines has stopped. No medicines were prescribed in Cosmopathy. Only Pyramid energy instruments were used and certain home remedies were prescribed for my health. Today I am absolutely fine once again.
Yesterday, 3 of my Feng-Shui clients came to my home for chakra balancing, aura adjustment and body scanning with dowsing. Their comments on the feel of my home, which has always been good, but not to this degree, makes me realize that the Pyramids' effects are reaching them.
My Dear Kirti It is about ten hours since I received your kind gift of the new energy pattern. I immediately put it on a disk as directed and have used it all day. I feel the pain in a bone spur in my heal is less painful.
Ever since I started the Cosmopathy treatment about 3 years ago, I am no longer getting any Asthma attacks. Today I am absolutely fine and my concentration in studies has improved.
As informed to you my first 2D Echo test was EF at 10% but in the revised test was at 25% which is also on the improved scale as per Dr. Pahalajani, he is told also that I have stopped taking all the ten drugs advised by him. I am feeling absolutely fine hale & hearty. My energy level is 200% and stamina is also 200% than what it was at the time of taking Allopathy.
Thanks For Mandal ... (free energy pattern)
Dear Mr. Betai Thank you for your help with the teletherapy. I feel much stronger in my will and energy. It is so good for me to see that people around me can also benefit from the energy of the pyramids. During classes (I work as a teacher) it supports me very much and brings positivity and motivation to the people. I also can concentrate more on their learning process because I feel stronger and understand more about their learning situation. Please keep me on the therapy. Thank you so much and blessings. Free Teletherapy Beneficiary
Hello Uncle, How's you, hope everything is fine ar your end.


I still remember Year before I called you and was very concerned about Jeet's crucial academic year and even very concern about his future but i m really gratful to you for the kind of remedies you have suggested to us. Your blessings to my child really worked like a magic ....:), He scored 92% in SSC ICSE Board which is much more than we have expected.


Once again we are thankful to you as your solution had been boon to us!!!





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