What is Teletherapy


Transmission of healing energies to a person located at a distance from the healer or the healing instruments is Tele-therapy.

The phenomenon was first propounded by Einstein. He discovered that if two electrons of an atom are separated and one of the electrons is placed on the moon and the other on Earth, and if the frequency of the electron on Earth is altered by application of strong electromagnetic force, the frequency of the electron on the moon would change simultaneously, spontaneously, and instantaneously.

The Phenomenon has been proved by Dr. Sarkar, of Calcutta India, about twenty years ago. He was a practitioner of Color and Gem therapy and an expert dowser. He used a photograph of a patient located in New York to radiate red color light to the patient while Dr. Sarkar was at Calcutta. Two independent doctors were observing the patient through a prism in New York. During the fifteen day experiment, the observing doctors recorded significant increase in the red color energy of the patient day by day.

Every disease or disorder has its root in the energy force field of the person. Changing the frequency of the disharmonious organ or organ system in the energy force field of the patient gradually produces corresponding changes in the organ behaviour.

Spontaneous healing occurs in most cases where appropriate Tele-therapy is administered and is monitored regularly. If healing instruments are placed near the patient in addition to Tele-therapy, the results are far better and faster.

It is better that you register the name of the patient by filling up the form below and give us regular weekly feedback on the changes observed in the patient after careful comparison of the patient's mental and physical condition to enable us to provide most appropriate healing energies of the PyrAmids © for best results.

You may continue all other conventional or alternative therapies and avoid any change without consultation with the attending physician. As the condition improves the attending physician should be notified to enable him to make appropriate changes in the prescription if necessary.


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