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It has been observed that seven out of ten emergency situations relating to health arise out of energy depletion caused by interacting energy force fields of the victim with extremely negative energy fields of beings and things in his surroundings.

Placing appropriate PyrAmid © Energy Systems near the patient or in his living or working premises, even if the patient may be in the Hospital, significantly improves recovery and relief in pain in all such cases.

Even in cases of accidents and strokes, the victims were helped through PyrAmid © Energy Systems which brought about better and faster recovery and provided relief in pain which was significantly better than recovery and relief observed in other similar cases where PyrAmid © Energy Systems were not used.

In order to provide faster response in emergency cases, we have provided this special web-page to deal with all such requests as it takes about one week to respond to any request for information or assistance due to heavy load on our services and our simultaneous pre-occupation with continuous research and development, as also our involvement with Daya Dhaar Self Care Center at Agra, India, where regular treatments are provided to patients for all types of genetic and other ailments diseases and dis-orders free of charge, five days a week.


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