Tushar Desai, Architect, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai says  " Vaastu as practiced by Dr Betai's MVS has been God sent to me." 

As trained architects' practicing in Mumbai, we end up creating designs that are highly functional, where every inch counts and is to be used efficiently due to high cost. As a result the design ends up violating a lot of Vaastu norms.

Most of the times, we used to have trouble convincing clients to not follow Vaastu rules, in order to create better decision. Thereby both ended up compromising and thus being upset. However, now we design as per the need, without worrying unduly about broken Vaastu tenents and as a result are able to create efficient and aesthetic design in which we simply insert Vaastu instruments, thus restoring complete harmony.
The proof is that, since we have adopted above procedure, in last 8 years, we have been increasing our turnover at the rate of 50% per annum. Not only that we have been nominated for National Interior Design Awards for 4 years and have won 3 times out of that.
In fact now we put our instruments in a project the moment we start it and during execution itself. I think it is a marvelous concept and the positive vibrations are so intense that they are able to counter any kind of negative energy.

Tushar Desai
Kirti Betai, B.Com. LLB. - INDIA - Founder of Modern Vastu (Energy) Science and has treated over 30,000 patients (1992-2000) through the PyrAmid © Energy Healing Systems which he has developed. He is also a lawyer and was in business of manufacturing plastic raw materials at Mumbai India. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mr. Kirti Betai, (B.Com. LLB.) is the founder of Modern Vastu (Energy) Science.


He is also a lawyer and was in business of manufacturing plastic raw materials at Mumbai India until 1985 I thereafter retired from my business at the age of 40 years and shifted from Mumbai to Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal, in North India. In 1991 I read an article about the experiments with PyrAmid © Energy Systems by Dr. Bovis (France) who was involved in PyrAmid © Re-Search in Egypt. Dr. Bovis (France) saw a stray cat which somehow died inside the Giza PyrAmid © and whose physical body did not show signs of decay for weeks despite the fact that it was not mummified.


This Re-Search led to my thought: Each Pre-Energized PyrAmid © Energy Product is the result of Re-Search of over 12 years by Modern Vastu (Energy) Science, a not-for-profit organization, based at Agra, India. He has treated over 30,000 patients (1992-2000) through the Power Packed Pre-Energized PyrAmid © Energy Healing Systems. In addition to the treatment of dis-eases, dis-orders, and ailments, PyrAmid © Energy Systems were also tried and tested for correction of Energy Force Fields of over 5,000 plots of land and buildings of every description including:- Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Farms and Gardens, Agricultural, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants, Shops, Veterinary Clinics, Food Grain Storage facilities, etc. Over 500 business organizations were helped through Pendulum Energy Information System in turning around from loss making to profit making establishments.


Services offered includes:- Employee Selection and Evaluation, Product Evaluation, Competition Strength, Identification of products and markets, Security Lapses, Crime Detection, Recovery of Stolen Goods, etc. We have trained over 400 students (many of whom were initially our patients) in the practice of Energy Science (Cosmo-Pathy) i.e. PyrAmid © Energy Systems and Pendulum Energy Re-Search and Information Management Systems. Many of these students are helping others in their respective areas. KIRTI BETAI'S RESEARCH PyrAmid © Healing ENERGY Re-search Mr. Kirti Betai – Agra – India The Source of Inspiration The Giza PyrAmid © Complex has been the focus of attention of the mankind for centuries. It has taken more time, attention, and efforts, of the contemporary scientific community, in trying to understand what was accomplished by the Egyptians, or whoever built the Giza PyrAmid © Complex, than it took the ancient engineering genius in materializing the Giza PyrAmid © Complex in-to reality.


Hundreds of scientists have invested their in-valuable time, attention, and energy, to De-Code the secret of the PyrAmids ©. Equal number of scientists have invested their time, attention, and energy, to find flaws in their discoveries. Those who want to find flaws are bound to succeed, as knowledge of man is imperfect. When knowledge becomes perfect the knower is no longer a man – he becomes God Personified in man. He does not find it necessary to collect evidence to satisfy others about the truth of what he has known. If the others choose to ignore or reject his discovery, he is unconcerned. The Earth was round even before Galileo discovered that it was so. On a chance reading of an article about the experiments of Dr. Bovis (France) relating to the Energy Force Field of PyrAmids ©, Kirti Betai whose liver and kidney failure due to adverse drug reaction had seen him go through a near death experience in 1984 (hepatic coma), started his Research in PyrAmid © Energy Systems for Healing his own health condition. In two years 10,000 PyrAmids © were built by Kirti Betai, of different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials, as indicated by his Pendulum Dowsing to heal his liver, kidney, pancreas, heart, and spine.


Within two years Kirti Betai began to work 15 hours a day without any perception of fatigue, or pain, and without any drugs. Earlier he could not even sit for more than 30 minutes at a time. Simultaneously Ms. Bhagbhari Betai – Kirti Betai’s wife – got complete relief in her chronic Asthma, Colitis, and Depression. In the ten years thereafter over 30,000 patients of every conceivable diseases, dis-orders, and ailments have been cured with total relief in symptoms and confirmation of internal change through medical investigative tests e.g. choked arteries (Angiographies), Muscular Dystrophy and Diabetes (Blood Test), Gall Stone Removal (Ultrasound). Disease, dis-order, and ailment treated successfully so far include Aids, Allergies, Arthritis, Asthma, Attention Deficiency, Choked Arteries, Burns, Chronic Fatigue, Cancer, Depression, De-Addiction, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, Gout, Hyper / Hypo Tension, Insomnia, Migraine, Muscular Dystrophy, Polio, Paralysis, Rheumatism, Schizophrenia, etc. The Mother Energy Field of 10,000 PyrAmids © was fortified by additional 26,000 PyrAmids © over the next ten years - totaling up to 36,000 PyrAmids © – their Energy Force Field being unified and integrated in-to one Energy Wave Form. The PyrAmid © Energy System


We live in an Energy Universe. All animate and inanimate Energy Forms are life-forms - having an energy nucleus within the core of every atom that constitutes the form. Inanimate Energy Forms are visibly inert. Animate Energy Forms appear to act and inter-act with its environment, and they appear to survive on a continuous in-put of Energy from its environment and they produce waste. Inanimate Life-Form does the same but its activity is feeble and hidden from our sensory system. All energy systems inter-act with each other continuously and spontaneously. Distance is no barrier. Every energy system polarizes to become kinetic. Polarizing involves concentration of energy particles at one place (positive pole) and corresponding depletion of energy particles at another (negative pole). There cannot be any activity unless the energy system becomes bi-polar. Before the beginning of time and the Creation, there were two energy systems – one was conscious and kinetic (positive pole) – the other being depleted and dormant (negative pole) – its activity being too feeble to be called conscious – surviving on continuous input of Energy from the positive pole – not capable of individual action. So in the beginning, there was one kinetic energy system, and the other dormant or unconscious or potential energy system.


By continuous and prolonged interactions between these two Systems the process of the Creation ensued. The very first inter-action, that made the first dormant energy particle active and kinetic marks the beginning of time and the Creation. Now there were two active energy systems, and their interactions continued to bring about more energy particles in-to conscious and active state. So one became two – and two became three – and so on – until all energy particles that could be energized and made active by Energy interactions were brought to life.


The same is the process of every life-form in this and every other Solar System – in the mother’s womb two of the parents body cells inter-act to bring about one active cell of the new human body – this new cell divides in-to two – the two divide in-to four – and so on – every process of evolution creates a PyrAmid © Pattern. Without PyrAmid © Pattern there can be no activity or organization or life. Every organization must function in PyrAmid © Pattern for its survival. So a country has one head of state (by whatever name) and each company has one CEO and every home (the smallest organizational unit of society) has to have one head of the family. PyrAmid © Pattern therefore represents the process of evolution – of consciousness – of life. Every energy system has a unique frequency, size, shape, color, and sound. If two energy systems are absolutely identical in all respects, they cannot remain as two - they will spontaneously merge in-to, one unified energy-wave-form. For activity and interaction there must be in existence at least two energy systems, one Energy that will act upon another Energy, through the medium of Energy Waves. Through these interactions both will undergo some change. The change will be in one or more or all of the frequency, size, shape, color, and sound, the five manifestations of Energy. In this process of evolution, the energy nucleus does not undergo change – the prime energy nucleus, which began the whole process of ever changing universe remains un-changed. We often refer to this energy nucleus as God.


At all levels of the Creation the energy nucleus does not undergo any change – only its form changes. e.g. water evaporates to turn in-to vapor (gaseous state) – vapor turns in-to water (fluid state) – water falling in polar regions turn in-to ice (solid state) – ice turns in-to water – through-out the process the nucleus remains un-changed. The energy nucleus is in PyrAmid © Pattern – its action is also in PyrAmid © Pattern – e.g. a wave of light grows in PyrAmid © Pattern as it travels away from its Energy Center – same with magnetic energy wave – and the same with sound Energy Waves. So the PyrAmid © or the energy nucleus remains un-changed in the interaction between the two or more energy systems and what remains un-changed is really the PyrAmid ©. The word ‘PyrAmid ©’ in Greek is made up of two words – Pyr = Fire or Heat or Energy – and Amid = middle or center or nucleus. Energy Nucleus or Energy Center is therefore the true meaning of PyrAmid ©. PyrAmid ©, is that part of a life-form, which does not undergo change, but it brings about change in others in its environment, due to interactions.


In every Energy interaction the form of both interacting energy systems change. In interactions with a PyrAmid © even the energy nucleus of the other energy system changes. That is the key difference between energy nucleus of any energy system and the PyrAmid © Energy System. That is why a dead body cell can remain un-changed (free from decay) when placed within PyrAmid © Energy Force Field.


This is possible only when an energy system has been accelerated (condensed) to a speed of perpetual motion. Perpetual motion means there is no change due to interactions – which can happen only when there is no motion – i.e. the speed of the sub-atomic particles whirling around the energy nucleus is so high that they are present at every place in every dimension i.e. at all levels simultaneously – when this happens, the energy particles are no longer in motion – because they are already present everywhere - so they do not undergo change – this is the state of Perpetual Motion.


In the state of Perpetual Motion the energy particles are in continuous interaction with all other energy systems at all levels of the Creation – but they do not change as a result of the interaction. This is the state of PyrAmid © Energy System. This is also the state of the Prime Nucleus – The God – who is known to be omnipresent and omni-potent. PyrAmid © Energy System represents and reflects the God and His Creation. Certain facts of life cannot be proved or explained merely in words – they have to be experienced. One can at best explain how drinking water quenches thirst (if water is drunk) but one cannot experience nor understand what it means unless he drinks the water when he is thirsty. The mankind does not understand the phenomena of sleep or how magnetism works – and yet every one sleeps and uses magnetism in daily life. PyrAmid © Power similarly will have to be experienced, to be understood. The Creation of PyrAmid © Energy Force Field Thousands around the world have and are continuing to experiment with PyrAmid © Power. Most have replicated the Golden Section of the Giza PyrAmid ©, and many have tried different sizes, shapes, colors, and sounds to maximize the PyrAmid © Power – and most have experienced that PyrAmids © do not seem to behave consistently from time to time or person to person or place to place. This is seen as one of the mysterious aspects of the PyrAmid © Power. The other mysteries that surround the Giza PyrAmid © Complex are 1) How was it built? 2) Who built it? 3) Why was it built?


Psycho-Kinesis is the only method for transporting heavy objects from one place to another that was practiced not only in the ancient Egypt but, in many parts of the world. Evidence of this is available in the ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Indian literature. There is enough evidence to suggest that the efforts, technique and technology, that was used in creation of the Egyptian PyrAmids © including the Giza PyrAmid © Complex was of the Egyptians and none other.


The result of every activity depends upon its purpose. The purpose of making PyrAmids © for Mr. Kirti Betai was to heal his physical body. So the Mother Energy Field of the 36,000 PyrAmids © created at Agra India are pre-dominantly configured for Healing. The purpose for which the Giza PyrAmid © Complex was created is different and so its energy configuration is also different. The frequency, size, shape, color, and sound of any energy system will reflect the purpose for which the energy system was brought in-to action – provided the efforts were successful.


So this information is en-coded (so to say) within the Giza PyrAmid ©. There are conflicting or contrary views regarding the purpose for which the Giza PyrAmid © Complex was built. This is not surprising as each researcher has a different perspective and what he sees or experiences will be limited by his perspective. The Giza PyrAmid © Complex was built for almost each and every purpose, which is being attributed. It is a multi purpose energy system. The PyrAmids © at Agra were built with a single purpose in mind. However over the period the Energy Force Field has matured in-to a multi purpose energy system. PyrAmid © Energy Force Field grows with efflux of time. It’s a living System. PyrAmid © Shape functions like a giant reflector or antenna, and a powerful Energy Generator, simultaneously and spontaneously. The function of a particular energy-wave-form will be according to its design and construction. So the function of an energy system is according to its frequency, size, shape, color, and sound, which includes, the material of construction, and its location, orientation, and alignment, to its environment. The moment a PyrAmid © Shape is created, it begins to inter-act with its environment and generates an energy-wave-form within. So the energy-wave-form (frequency, size, shape, color, and sound) generated by a particular PyrAmid © will be according to its material, shape, size, color, location, orientation, and alignment.


Amongst the seven factors (material, shape, size, color, location, orientation, and alignment) location is the most important factor. This is equally true for any other venture. One well-known management expert has enumerated the three most important factors affecting the success of any business as:- location, location, and location. For PyrAmid © Power as well, its location is the first most important factor due to the fact that the PyrAmid © will generate its Power from out of the energy particles available in its environment. The location will determine the end result i.e. frequency, size, shape, color, and sound of the energy-wave-form of the PyrAmid © Energy System. The next most important factor for the end result is the material. The material used will determine the energy configuration i.e. from the available energy particles (location), how much of which of the energy particles will be absorbed by the PyrAmid © Energy System. The next important factors are the color, size and shape of the PyrAmid ©. These will together determine the color, size and shape of the energy-wave-form of the PyrAmid © Energy System. Ultimately the energy-wave-form of the PyrAmid © Energy System must conform to the purpose for which it was designed. So the material, shape, size, color, location, orientation, and alignment of the PyrAmid © must be selected according to the purpose for which the PyrAmid © Energy System is to be built.


This is the main reason why most researchers found the behaviour of PyrAmids © built by them to be inconsistent from person to person and place to place and time to time, as they had replicated the shape of the Giza PyrAmid © but all other factors were different and in any event they were perhaps not in conformity with the purpose for which the PyrAmid © was designed, and most of all they were built and used at different locations during the incubation period (so to say) of the PyrAmid © Energy System, i.e. the energy-wave-form of the PyrAmid © had not stabilized or was still in its growth phase.


To overcome some of these difficulties, the PyrAmid © Mother Energy Field at Agra India was created by using a large number of small PyrAmids © made from every conceivable material including gold, mercury, silver, copper, brass, steel, aluminum, fiber, plastic, cardboard, paper, canvas, fiberglass, wood, etc. We used as many as 37 out of the 84 elements (in pre-determined proportions) found in this Solar System in the construction of these 36,000 PyrAmids ©. The fact is – if one was to build an exact replica of the Giza PyrAmid © at any other place, it may not have the same energy-wave-form. There are only three locations upon this Earth, where the Giza PyrAmid © can produce an identical energy-wave-form. There are at least six more locations upon this Earth where PyrAmid © Energy System can be built for the benefit of the mankind. These locations are not static. They keep changing with the efflux of time. There is only one place upon this Earth where the energy-wave-form produced by the 36,000 PyrAmids © at Agra India can produce the same energy-wave-form – and that is exactly the place where these 36,000 PyrAmids © have been located. The PyrAmid © Power, i.e. the number of Energy Waves within each energy band-width - will be according to the size of the energy band width, and the size of the energy band width will be according to the size and shape and number of PyrAmids © constituting the PyrAmid © Energy Force Field.


If and only if the PyrAmid © Power is adequate for transforming the Target Energy System back to its original state, then alone the PyrAmid © will be able to bring about permanent change in the target energy system. The research work done so far by the eminent scientists of our time is remarkable. Special reference must be made of the work done on PyrAmid © Energy System by Dr. Bovis (France), Dr. Lui Alvarez (USA), and Dr. Baxter (USA). Although the work of Dr. Baxter was mainly related to interactions of energy-wave-forms of plants, animals, and humans, his work definitely provided valuable input to Mr. Kirti Betai.


Mr. Kirti Betai expresses his deepest gratitude and conveys his highest regards to all the innumerable researchers who have contributed to his research on PyrAmid © Energy Healing Systems as the source of all Knowledge and all Energy is one - and whoever has invested his time, attention, energy, and other resources on discovery of any information has certainly paved the way for others to tread that path a little more comfortably. Mr. Kirti Betai is happy to invite every seeker of truth to Agra India to experience the Power of the 36,000 strong PyrAmid © Energy System in creation of which they all have contributed in some way just as each of the 30,000 patients have contributed – without them the PyrAmid © Energy System would not have been created.


Mr. Kirti Betai is conscious of the fact that the PyrAmid © Power at Agra India is not the result of his effort or intellect but it is the Gift of God through thousands of His beloved children, and the same along-with all information pertaining there-to is open and available to all the seekers of the Truth. PyrAmid © Energy Treatment (unlimited) is made available without any charge to one and all without any reservation at the Daya Dhaar Self Care Center (Not-For-Profit Organization) SW 33 Soami Bagh Agra 282 005 India. Email Information is also available on our Web Site Your questions, ideas and suggestions are welcome. Thank You.
Wednesday, 18 July 2007 PyrAmids © turn realty fortune-tellers Published by Newsroom May 5th, 2007 in Architecture & Interior Design and Vaastu.


PyramidaIndia’s organised retail industry may be worth Rs 50,000 crore and coasting along at an annual dip of 30% with an admixture of homegrown and foreign brands, but tradition still seems to lord over its sentiments. A case in point is the large swathe of retailers and realtors pinning faith on vaastu pyramids to get rid of doshas (negative energies) from projects and enhance footfalls in stores across malls and high streets. Small wonder then that pyramid-vaastu consultants are laughing their way to the bank as the tribe of promoters looking to this traditional concept are growing by the day.


Vaastu expert Pandit RK Sharma, for instance, today boasts of a list of 22 clients, comprising chiefly retailers and realtors. PyrAmids have no side effects and are used to remove negative energies from land. Most of my clients use this vaastu to ward off evil,” he says. He counts among his clients Parsvnath Developers, the 90-store kids apparel chain Lilliput and a franchisee of food chains— Subway and Mori Mahal Deluxe. Parsvnath has hired Mr Sharma’s services on a retainer basis. “Whenever we’ve played around vaastu, we’ve seen increased energy flow into our projects,” points out Parsvnath Developers UP COO Sunit Sachar. Similarly, Ghaziabad-based developer Jagmohan Singh has pyramid vaastu ready showrooms and is now in talks with Subhiksha and Sabka Bazaar for immediate occupancy.


So how much do consultants pocket? Well, they can either be hired on a retainer basis or paid from project to project. While Lilliput has applied pyramid vaastu across 40 stores at Rs 1-lakh per showroom, for Parsvnath, mum’s the word. However, fees depend on nature of the project and the number of pyramids used. Theoretically, the pyramid shape attracts geological-biological-cosmic energy-particles from around its environment.


PyrAmids © are planted beneath the surface of the project to remove negative energies. White and yellow (wood or plastic) pyramids are most commonly used and cost anywhere between Rs 2 50 and Rs 2,700 a pop. “The realty business, until recently, was under pressure due to sagging demand. So builders were on the lookout for some ways in which they could outsell each other. They are resorting to pyramid vaastu correction so that the prospective buyer gets positive vibes that can result in dosing the deal,” says Kirti Betai, president, Modem Vaastu Science, Environmental Energy Sdence Research Organisation. As the franchisee of Subway and Moti Mahal Deluxe restaurants across the country, South Asian Hospitality Services too seems to have found succour in pyramids. “We have adopted pyramid vaastu in 10 of our restaurants and would be implementing it in forthcoming properties across Agra, Noida, Meerut and Bangalore,” claims South Asian Hospitality diredor Services Bela Juneja. Inddentally, when this franchisee opened its Moti Mahal in Panipat’s Cosmos Mall last month, it adhered strictly to the pyramid prindple, and now sees a conversion rate of 90 %. On the other hand, “the two-month-old McDonald’s on the same floor has about 45% conversion”, she says, drawing a comparison. “By implementing pyramid vaastu, the footfalls increase to 60-70%,” says vaastu consultant, Acharya Dheeraj Maheshwari. Source: The Economic Times
Hacienda is exhibiting its autumn show with a few designers, each one very distinct in style and yet cohabitating the exhibition space easily with the rest. nilofer and reshad rustomji have been working in the arts and crafts style, which gained momentum in the west in the late 19th century and has been an emblematic style even until the present. the rustomji team has on display a fine range of furniture with characteristically lucid designs and natural materials. sam maneckshaw, a mumbai-based interior and furniture designer, is exhibiting colonial styles, portraying his penchant for contemporaneity even as he ingrains it into genuine antique pieces of furniture. sam’s line bears a distinct flair for simplicity and functionalism on the one hand and an irresistible leaning towards ornamental detail on the other. belu mehta’s cane furniture is exclusively handmade by master craftsmen. it is executed in sophisticated designs with raw material from south india, the andamans and singapore. even though bamboo is a relatively rustic medium, belu has infused it with a solidity of purpose and indisputable finesse so that his designs are unusually attractive. bindu sanghvi, an architect, has crafted ingenious artefacts in aluminium and terracotta, ranging from coasters, napkin-rings and salt and pepper shakers to candle and incense holders, lamps and platters. remarkably abstract and uncluttered lines mark out forms which are culled with precision and an unusual aesthetic sense. bindu’s mentor, kirti betai, has researched extensively for years with a system called frequency engineering whereby all objects are potential carriers of subtle elements of nature and emit a particular form of energy. bindu’s instruments in this exhibition have been devised to radiate positive energy which helps in healing and enhancing a richer quality of life. even if this seems incredible to the skeptical among us, these artefacts must be viewed for their sheer simplicity and grace.
Wednesday, 18 July 2007 RE: [tt] a conversation - James Randi My Dear Mr. Bear Radhasoami. Enjoyable - the conversation. Did you write it? I had an experience with an 'Amazed' James Randi -


Brief Facts of My Experience:- I accepted his challenge and claimed that I could detect contaminated or poisoned food by using my zero error pendulum dowsing system. I also claimed that I would eat the food detected by me to prove my claim. He accepted my agreement as valid but rejected my claim of detecting food contaminated with snake poison (by stating that it is quite harmless) and suggested to test me by detecting cyanide capsules mixed up with sugar capsules and swallowing the same to prove my claim.


I objected to his manipulating my claim. To that he responded by saying he would not test my claim as the possible consequences could be death. I confronted him by reminding him that my original claim is harmless as admitted by him and that the apprehension of death could be only in his own suggested test procedure where cyanide was to be used instead of snake poison. He then offered to test my claim using snake poison mixed up with vegetables but again altered my claim by suggesting to use 10 plates instead of 5 plates of vegetables with unknown number of vegetable plates to be poisoned.


I acknowledged his above suggestion by saying I will respond after a few days as I was outstation. He replied that he won't wait!!!.


Thus Randi backed out twice from his contractual and promised obligation. I sent him a final reminder and warned him of legal consequences of his breach of contract and promise and claimed damages of a million US dollars unless he tests my claim as agreed. He has remained silent. My Arguments:- Randi has been running a malicious propaganda against all alternative health care systems for the past several years and the Psychic Challenge is an important part of his design to malign all alt-med practitioners.


He does not accept any claim if he is afraid of loosing out. He accepts a claim only when he has ensured by manipulating the test procedure to cause interference and failure. He has put up this challenge on the platform of James Randi Educational Foundation (tax free charity) which apparently is stated to be `dedicated to providing information on paranormal, supernatural, occult, and pseudo-scientific claims, awarding prizes to deserving students who develop projects and essays based upon these claims, and both funding and conducting original experiments to examine those claims in a scientific manner.


' The real motive is clearly to misrepresent before the world community that all such alternative health care systems are unproven and fraudulent practices and thus by his malicious propaganda, keep many people away from using alt-med treatments which have become more popular in the recent years which is the loss of modern medicine.


Randi is a member of an Internet discussion group of doctors and pharmaceutical industry members and the group is called `Healthfraud'. The full time activity of the group is to condemn and ridicule all alt-med systems without any basis or investigation or any inclination for experimentation to gain knowledge.


The Psychic Challenge is a brain child of Randi with the help and connivance of his doctor and pharmaceutical friends to discredit all alt-med practices as para-normal without any real examination or investigation for personal gain in the name of a tax free charity. Randi and his friends are thus defrauding the world by their dubious and ulterior methods with an objective of preventing the world population or a major portion of it from trying or using alt-med systems by misrepresentation and deceit, thereby ensuring the benefits to doctors of modern medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.


With Regards and Radhasoami


Kirti Betai Modern Vastu (Energy) Science (Consultants) --Original Message----- From: bear [mailto: tc_spirit@...]


Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2000 9:55 AM To: Subject: [tt] a conversation


From: bear < tc_spirit@...> AN IMAGINARY STUPID SKEPTIC CONVERSATION Could happen but probably won't....... Ranting Randi


(RR): Hello Mr. Bird Larry Bird


(LB): Hello Mr. Con Man


RR: You say you are a basketball player Mr. Bird.


LB: Yep. I was one of the best.


RR: But do you have basketability Mr. Bird?


LB: What is Basketability Mr. Con Man?


RR: Basketability is the ability to sink a basket every time.


LB: Well no I can't sink a basket every time.


RR: Oh! So you are a charlatan Mr. Bird.


LB: I don't think so. I played basketball as well as almost anyone ever has.


RR: But can you sink a basket from a random place on the court, with your eyes blindfolded, every time you try?


LB: Well no Mr. Con Man, I can't do that.


RR: Well if you can't do that I think you are a fraud because a person with basketability would be able to sink every basket they tried to make. Basketability doesn't take visual cues. Basketability is the ability to sink baskets and you should, if you have basketability, be able to sink a basket every time.


LB: Well I may not have basketability but I sure played basketball well. Ever since I was a kid in French Lick, I have been a really good basketball player.


RR: Yes, that is very nice mr. Bird, but I am here to test basketability, not discuss the past. Can you sink a basket every time you try? That is, do you have basketability or should your return the money people paid out to see you play basketball all those years because you have perpetrated a fraud.


LB: Well Mr. Con Man, over my entire professional life I was able to sink 49.6% of the baskets I shot from the field. That is very high.


RR: 49.6%. Mr. Bird, don't waste my time. 49.6% isn't even 50% which is what a random guesser could score if they were just guessing whether you sank a basket or not if you made 50% of your attempts.


LB: What has guessing got to do with how often I sink a basket. Guessers don't sink baskets they guess. They don't have any skill.


RR: Don't try to play word games with me. I am a famous debunker of frauds and charlatans. I know a fraud when I see one and if you can't shoot baskets 100% of the time, from a random location, while blindfolded and with earmuffs and mittens on I say you do not have basketability.


LB: Mr. Con Man you are an idiot. You obviously don't know anything about basketball at all. No basketball player will ever be able to do what you want because basketball is a skill and even a well skilled basketball player cannot do what you are asking because being able to see and hear and feel are all part of what playing basketball is about. You cannot test basketball ability by testing basketability. They are not the same sort of thing at all.


RR: rant, rant, rant, expletive deleted, moan, whine, stomp feet, behave like petulant 5 year old...... Probably never happen but it could...... So how much more stupidity from randi is the skeptical community willing to accept before it opens its collective eyes and realizes what a farce the randi challenge is??? How many skeptics does it take to debunk randi?


Wednesday, 18 July 2007 (Mr.Kirti Betai’s information is given under the topic PyrAmid © Power. Please see if only that topic can be viewed) Another amazing report on pyramid energy comes from Mr Kirti Betai. In Agra India, Mr Kirti Betai has built 36.000 small pyramids and put them into a special configuration forming a pyramid energy healing system.


He has founded the Daya Dhaar Self Care Center, a non-profit organization. PyrAmid © treatments are free of charge and without reservation available to anyone. Mr Betai has already helped ten thousands of people who have visited his center. He has claims of ‘miraculous’ healings from ailments that are incurable and he is inviting scientist to come and study his work. He built the pyramid construction to heal himself from a liver and kidney failure that was the result of a wrong drug administration. Among his patients he also cured his wife who suffered from chronic asthma. He claims to have healed a woman diagnosed with muscular dystrophy with treatment lasting two years. When she entered the programme she couldn’t stand on her own feet, but after two years she was able to stand up for as long as 45 minutes. Blood samples indicated that she was cured from the disease. (info of exhibition and some text) Modern Vastu (Energy) Science in association with Tipco Industries Ltd., brings to you, for the First Time in the World, "Cosmic Harmony Homes" PyrAmid © Houses span style="font-size: 14pt">on display at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi Exhibition: Plastindia Stall No. 7-OD-R2 Dates: 15 to 20th Feb '2003.


`Cosmic Harmony Homes (CHH)' is Pre-Energized using Highly Polarized PyrAmid © Energy Correctors.


CHH would rectify Man made as well Natural Geopathic Stress Zones and create highly positive and harmonious energy fields which enhances and improves cell function in animate and inanimate energy systems / life forms.


(Please Read The article given below to know how Geopathic Stress Zones are hazardous to our health / wealth and happiness)


Salient Features of the PyrAmid © Displayed at The Exhibition:- The PyrAmid © has 1000 sq ft. of usage area. Dimensions : 35 X 35 X 20 feet Material: Tipwood, a revolutionary product made from Jute and Synthetic resin. Tipwood is a proprietary product developed by Tipco Ind. Ltd. as a wood substitute.


Tipwood is stronger than wood, is fire proof, termite proof and weather proof. Tipwood is economical and Eco-Friendly. Cosmic Harmony Homes can easily be installed and dismantled overnight. Cosmic Harmony Homes can be specifically made as per the requirements of your premises, and of virtually any size big or small.


The 1000 sq. ft. CHH can be your comfortable two bed room, hall, kitchen farmhouse / outhouse. Cosmic Harmony Homes are ideal for Hotels, Health Resorts, Theme Parks, etc. The entire resort can be up and ready for use overnight saving enormous time and money.


CHH can be erected in farms, on beaches, terraces, gardens, etc. without violating building construction regulations and without having to follow building construction laws at most places. We invite you with your friends and family to view this Magnificent PyrAmid © and experience its harmonious energies.


We will also give live demonstrations of Geopathic Stress and its effects. With warm regards, Ankur Betai (Senior Executive) PyrAmid © Houses – A Safe Haven in Today’s World Houses erected over land which has been treated for correction of Geopathic Stress Zones, will have a very positive and harmonious energy field. Modern Vaastu (Energy) Science, has developed special PyrAmid © Energy Instruments which will effectively correct the Geopathic Stress Zones between 90 to 100 %.


Please contact for your on the spot evalution of Geopathic Stress Zones. Evidence Connecting Geopathic Stress Zone to Illness Geopathic stress zone has been found to be the common factor in many serious and minor illnesses and psychological conditions, especially those conditions in which the immune system is severely compromised. The major issue is an increased risk of cancer. The late Dr. Hans Nieper, M.D., stated that 92% of all his cancer patients and 75% of his MS patients are geopathically stress zoned. Dr. Nieper was a world-renowned cancer and MS specialist and operated one of the largest MS practices in the world, located in Germany. · Von Pohl proved to the Central Committee for Cancer Research in Berlin, almost 60 years ago, that one was unlikely to get cancer unless one spent some time in geopathically stress zoned places.


Their analysis of 400 deaths due to cancer revealed that 383 cases were related to dwelling - over geological faults, underground waterveins and disturbances of the natural geomagnetic field. Geopathic Stress zone has been found to be the common factor in most serious and minor illnesses and psychological conditions, including cancer, MS, AIDS, tuberculosis, meningitis, MD, kidney and gallstones, rheumatism, heart and circulation problems as well as depression, insomnia, suicide, the promotion of stress zone, and high blood pressure, together with resistence to treatment. Geopathic Stress zone is also the common factor in cases of infertility and miscarriages, and in most children with learning difficulties and behavioral problems. When the home or work place of the affected person is neutralized of geopathic stress conditions, the body begins to heal. Please send us your complete name and address for evaluation of your Geopathic Stress Zone levels. Re: [tt] Energy Healing That is really amazing. Herbs do work, I have heard tht the pyramids are effective but never tried them. This is wonderful that you could help. bluestar --- kirtibetai < mvs@... > wrote: I want to share two significant experiences. 1] One male patient aged 80 years suffering from chronic hypertension reported sudden increase in his blood pressure. Doctor advised him to go for a Pacemaker. He saught my advice. I found him suffering from food infection. His blood pressure was wildly fluctuating due to the food infection. So i advised him to take a common kitchen herb called 'Jeera' 4 times a day. i also gave him pyramid energy systems to be placed in his bedroom. Within 2 days his blood pressure became normal. 2] One female patient aged 2 years was born with MS. She could not control any of her limbs or sensory organs. She was given pyramid energy systems and simple home remedies. After four months of this treatment she could begin to sit without support for one minute at a time.
Yesterday, 3 of my Feng-Shui clients came to my home for chakra balancing, aura adjustment and body scanning with dowsing. Their comments on the feel of my home, which has always been good, but not to this degree, makes me realize that the Pyramids' effects are reaching them.
My Dear Kirti It is about ten hours since I received your kind gift of the new energy pattern. I immediately put it on a disk as directed and have used it all day. I feel the pain in a bone spur in my heal is less painful.
Ever since I started the Cosmopathy treatment about 3 years ago, I am no longer getting any Asthma attacks. Today I am absolutely fine and my concentration in studies has improved.
As informed to you my first 2D Echo test was EF at 10% but in the revised test was at 25% which is also on the improved scale as per Dr. Pahalajani, he is told also that I have stopped taking all the ten drugs advised by him. I am feeling absolutely fine hale & hearty. My energy level is 200% and stamina is also 200% than what it was at the time of taking Allopathy.
Thanks For Mandal ... (free energy pattern)
Dear Mr. Betai Thank you for your help with the teletherapy. I feel much stronger in my will and energy. It is so good for me to see that people around me can also benefit from the energy of the pyramids. During classes (I work as a teacher) it supports me very much and brings positivity and motivation to the people. I also can concentrate more on their learning process because I feel stronger and understand more about their learning situation. Please keep me on the therapy. Thank you so much and blessings. Free Teletherapy Beneficiary

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