Birth of Cosmopathy

Family milieu

My parents Mr. Hemraj betai and Mrs. Hiraben betai were both freedom fighters working with Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in rangoon. They had voluntarily contributed several lakhs worth of ornaments to the indian national army (i.n.a.) then. I was named `kirti’ by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose himself.

Need is the mother of invention

I am a lawyer. I was in business of manufacturing plastic raw materials at mumbai india until 1985 – i.e. until i went into coma due to adverse drug reaction. I came out of coma but my physical health remained quite poor as my liver and kidneys were severely damaged. I retired from my business at the age of 40 years and shifted from mumbai to agra, the city of the taj mahal, in north india.

Thought provoking research

In 1991 i read an article about the experiments with pyramid energy systems by dr. Bovis (france) who was involved in pyramid research in egypt.

He saw a stray cat which somehow died inside the giza pyramid and whose physical body did not show signs of decay for weeks despite the fact that it was not mummified.

This research led to my thought: if the pyramid energy system can preserve the harmony of even dead body cells then it must bring back harmony to my weak (but not dead) liver and kidney cells.

Unique research and experiments started by mr. Kirti hemraj betai

Thus i began my research and experiments with pyramid energy systems in 1991. Within 2 years i made 10,000 pyramids and placed them all over my residence and garden. Within those 2 years my liver and kidney became normal – which was pathologically confirmed.

After 2 years…..

Symptomatically, i could now work 15 hours a day, without any pain or stress, tension, and fatigue, as compared to my earlier (1985 to 1991) limitation of not being able to sit for over 30 minutes.

Seeing the change in my health, my friends and relations, and later their friends and relations took my help in respect of their health problems. The results were unmistakable and favorable in each case treated with pyramid energy systems without any drugs.


A new energy healing system called cosmopathy has emerged as a sequel to the unrelated research  by dr.  Bovis (france), dr. Baxter (usa) and the nobel prize winner scientist dr. Luis alvarez, who all researched independently on different energy force fields.

Pyramid in greek means:-

Pyro = fire = energy

Amid = middle = center = nucleus


PyrAmid © – its true meaning

‘pyramid’ really means energy nucleus so powerful that it cannot be changed by any energy interaction. That’s how pyramids of egypt can keep dead body cells free from decay for thousands of years whereas it is common experience that human body and all life forms begin to decay within a few hours of death.



Result of ongoing research and experiments

Each pre-energized pyramid energy product is the result of research of over 15 years by modern vastu (energy) science, a not for profit organization, based at agra, india and having a center at mumbai, india

Diagnostics, selection of treatment program, evaluation of progress and pyramid energy instruments are exclusively based on research and analysis through sensitive time tested pendulum energy analysis system.

The twin systems of pre-energized zero error pendulum energy information and pre-energized zero state power packed total spectrum pyramid healing energy are the world's first and only pre-energized systems that have performed successfully, and consistently, from time to time, place to place, and person to person.

Mother energy field

Each pyramid energy product is carefully designed, fabricated, and pre-energized within the mother energy force field comprising of over 40,000 pyramids for creating an optimum level of harmonized and polarized energy environment necessary for bringing about a spontaneous change in the human body and his environment, the living and working premises.

This is the only energy force field of its kind in the world today, more powerful than the giza pyramid of egypt.

Benefits spread far and wide

Over 30,000 persons (1992-2000) have benefited through the power packed pre-energized pyramid energy healing systems.

Persons benefited were having: aids, asthma, arthritis, attention deficit, cancer, chronic fatigue, addictions, dyslexia, diabetes, depression, epilepsy, hypertension, hyper activity disorder, insomnia, learning disorders, muscular dystrophy, myalgia, paralysis, polio, schizophrenia.


Records of treatment, observation, and medical investigative tests were maintained when possible. Each person was explained about the treatment procedure and what was expected of him to bring about spontaneous healing within the energy environment of the pyramid space. Meditation, counseling, and carefully calculated diet and activity plan were common to most cases.

Although continuing of drugs is not necessary, conventional treatment was continued in most cases to avoid drug withdrawal symptoms. The drugs were always pre-energized within pyramid energy systems to minimize their toxic side effects. The prescribing physicians gradually withdrew the medication according to the improvement in the person’s condition.

No adverse effects have been observed in simultaneous use of pyramid energy systems with conventional therapy systems or otherwise.

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