What is Pendulum?

Pendulum: A reasonably heavy object of any shape, size or material tied to a string or chain of any size or material is a pendulum.

Dowsing (Querying): Interpreting the movements of a pendulum in response to an energy field, of a person, a place, or an item, to seek information about that energy field, is known as Pendulum Dowsing (Querying). Dowsing (Querying) is a science and an art. It bridges the gap between our intuitive and analytical self.

Applications of Pendulum Dowsing: We can find answers to any of the questions between the core of the sun and the Core of the Earth, by Dowsing (Querying).

In the last 15 years there has been an explosion of possible uses for Dowsing (Querying). One can obtain any information existing in the world. The most common daily uses of the Pendulum Dowsing (Querying) are as follows:-

Diagnostics: Zero Error Pendulum Dowsing system can accurately diagnose the causes of diseases and symptoms of a patient. Besides diagnosis it is also possible to find out the best cure available to remove the root cause of the problem

Energy Scanning (Analyzing your Vastu/ Feng Shui/ Geomancy): It is possible to measure the quantum of Energy of any premises, no matter where it may be with Pendulum Dowsing. We can pin point exact locations where the energy blockages exist. Pendulum Dowsing also helps to find the correct remedies which need to be carried out for rectifying the blockages in the energy field. (It effectively helps in rectifying all your Vastu / Feng Sui / Geomancy problems and negative energy fields).

Healing: We have developed special Highly Polarized Pendulums for providing Teletherapy (Distance Healing) to patients. It is possible to balance out different charkas of the body and remove energy blockages from the system. It is gives excellent pain relief.

Business Applications: We have helped over 2500 Business Organizations to turn around their business by accurately pointing out the problems existing in their organization and their root cause. Dowsing helps in taking the right decisions and implementing them in the best manner and in the most cost effective way.

Besides this Pendulum Dowsing has large uses like finding lost items, locating missing people, finding underground water, Career Analysis, Choosing your best Career, Finding your suitable colours, gem stones, cosmetics, Find out compatibility between partners, Marriage proposal analysis, Find out your IQ levels etc.

In truth the application of Pendulum Dowsing can only be limited by our intelligence and imagination.

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