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Friday, 13 July 2007
Real Estate: A client from Delhi (Whom I had never met before) came to me for treatment of depression. His cause of tension was his inability purchase a new house and the necessity to vacate the present house.

He informed that he had short listed some properties but he was unable to conclude any deal. He wanted me to select one of the short listed properties which was most suited to him and which he could negotiate within his budget.

The property identified by me through Pendulum Querying (Dousing) turned out to be his first choice. `But that Land Lord is not keen to sell', he said to me, `as the land-lord has been increasing the selling price every time I accept his offer price.'

I checked with the Pendulum over the name of the Land lord written on a slip of paper by my client, and found that the land lord was not revising the price but the broker was misguiding the client.

I asked my client if he had personally heard the landlord quote any price. His answer was in the negative. I asked my client to meet the landlord personally and offer a price between 50-55 lakh and give him an advance of Rs. 1 lakh the moment the landlord agreed to a negotiated price.

Within three days the client called me to inform that the deal was struck for Rs. 52 Lakh and all was set.

Diagnosis: One patient came to me with a complaint of severe pain in his abdomen and asked if PyrAmid © treatment could heal his Appendicitis within 24 hours.

I informed him that i would ascertain whether he really had appendicitis or not. He said that he has already got his X-Ray and ultrasound done and a senior surgeon has confirmed the diagnosis of Appendicitis, so he just wanted to know if PyrAmid © could give him relief within 24 hours, else he had to undergo an emergency surgery.

My pendulum informed me that he did not have a problem of appendicitis but had a slight inflammation in the liver.

The patient was obviously not comfortable with my diagnosis. So I suggested him to consult another surgeon without informing him of the earlier diagnosis. He did accordingly and on the same day another surgeon took his X-Ray and Ultrasound and prescribed surgical removal of Kidney Stones, stating that his appendix was normal.

The patient now agreed to take PyrAmid © treatment and was relieved of acute pain within 2 hours and after 30 days he was completely fit and fine. After one month, his brother-in-law, an army doctor posted at Hydrabad came to know of this incident and could not believe it. He took the patient to the Army Hospital and repeated all tests and compared with the earlier tests. He found that Appendix was alright in all three test reports and his liver in fact was slightly inflamed earlier and was healed by now. He stated that only a very seasoned and qualified doctor could have made the diagnosis of Liver Disorder and he could not understand how a Pendulum Queryist (Douser) could make the correct diagnosis whereas two qualified surgeons had made wrong diagnosis.

Such experiences are almost an everyday matter in the clinic work whereas diagnosis is made using a Pendulum and treatment of all dis-orders is given using PyrAmid © Energy devices.


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