What is Meditation?

Simply put “Meditation is the process of raising ones Consciousness into higher levels”.

Why Must we Meditate: All human beings have a body, a mind and a soul. The Soul is the true identity of the person. The Soul comprises of 99% of our being and the other 1% comprises of our body and mind.

The Soul is the Energy Force which keeps the body and the mind alive. The Soul is a part of the Prime Energy Force but with the covering of the body and the mind.

All our life we undertake various activities to satisfy our mind or body. The Soul is neglected. It does not receive any pleasure or satisfaction in the activities of the body and mind. This is why all happiness and joy is always short lived.

The Soul only receives pleasure when it is able to focus itself towards the Prime Energy Force, and start its journey towards the Prime Energy Force and Ultimately Merge with it. This is Meditation and even short periods of meditation bring sublime peace and happiness.

Meditation is the only way to achieve our Purpose of Life.

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