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We all make several important decisions concerning our lives at home and at work every day. Some irreversible decisions are taken virtually once in a life-time (marriage, business).

Every time we are required to choose our option, or take our decision, or provide our response, - we do so, by processing, only SOME of the information made available to us, totally ignoring some VITAL information because of our prejudice, and BLINDLY relying upon the quality of advice and opinion of our associates who might have their own prejudices and vested interests.

We NEVER EVER have all the necessary and correct information about anything or anyone at the time when we have to decide and commit our time, attention, energy, money, or other valuable resources. Consequently, we often go wrong and our own earlier perceived to be well considered decision lends us in serious difficulties or losses or extremely painful situation in life (e.g. marriage, business).

If we take our decision AFTER creating our options by use of Pendulum Querying System, and AFTER analyzing our choices by use of Pendulum Querying System, we would have had the benefit of processing all the relevant information necessary to make an informed decision. There is no question now of our decision being wrong or erroneous. No question of our getting in to a difficult or un-foreseen situation.


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